"And so the pizza decides to go out and look for his friends..."

Sept 15 - 26:  Pete's a Pizza at the Parlor
We are going to be centering our learning these next two weeks around what we'll have cooking up in our very own pretend pizza parlor. We'll also be "flying" from one peninsula to another as we "visit" Italy with a little study of their culture and architecture.

Action Song: Pizza Treat
("Do Your Ears Hang Low?")

It is round and made of dough,
Topped with sauce and cheese just so.
It's a big round treat,
Filled with vegetables and meat.
It's a pizza cooked just right.
Are you ready? Have a bite! (bite into pretend pizza)
It's a pizza treat!
~ Author Unknown

Virtual Story: Domino Addition
Learning to add is fun when you use dominoes. This bold, colorful counting book shows you how. 

Let's get started!  After signing into Tumblebooks here, (Scroll and click on the blue button.) return to this page to listen to the story here.

Peg + Cat Pizza Place Game  Order up!  Play and learn with Peg and Cat.