It's hip to be square. And rectangular too. We are assembling a bright kid group of "block stars" (and a few new batches of blocks to add to our collection) to welcome in the month of September. Time will tell who'll build the tallest tower or the craziest of creatures!

Action Song: Johnny Works
Johnny works with one hammer, (pound one arm) One hammer, one hammer, Johnny works with one hammer, then he works with two. Johnny works with two hammers, (add other arm) Two hammers, two hammers, Johnny works with two hammers, then he works with three.

Now repeat with: Three hammers - Add one leg * Four - Add the other leg  * Five - Add the nogginThen catch some Z's!

This Week's Virtual Story: Ook the Book and Other Silly Rhymes
What a perfect beginning book for budding book worms!  This book helps kids learn how to build with phonic parts that make up our language.
Let's get started!  After signing into Tumblebooks here, (Scroll and click on the blue button.) return to this page to listen to the story here.